Our Results: Reporting and Education

The following numbers demonstrate that Canadians are utilizing Cybertip.ca to report their concerns and access important educational resources. As an independent, charitable, non-governmental agency, Cybertip.ca offers the public a level of reassurance when reporting sensitive information concerning child sexual exploitation or addressing concerns about a child’s high-risk behaviour on the Internet.

  • Total reports received: 135,000+
  • Children removed from abusive environments: 468+
  • Total reports received and forwarded to law enforcement/child welfare: 32,000+/350+
  • Direct Educational Requests: 8,700+
  • Arrests executed by law enforcement in connection with a Cybertip.ca report: 441+
  • Education material distributed across Canada: 10,500,000+
  • Total reports forwarded to an INHOPE member hotline: 24,000+
  • Educational site page views: 18,500,000+
  • Unique URLS added to Cleanfeed: 25,000+
  • Children protected: Countless