Making a Difference

Since its inception, has encouraged the public to take action and report their concerns about children being sexually exploited on the Internet. Numerous arrests by law enforcement across Canada (and internationally) have resulted from various Canadians deciding to make a difference and submit a report about their concerns to

If you are concerned about a child being sexually exploited on the Internet, click here to report.

To date, at least 439 arrests have been executed by law enforcement in relation to reports. Click on the map below to view the number of arrests made by Canadian law enforcement in each Province.

Children Rescued: 465+

International: 241

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  • Alberta: 5
  • British Columbia: 19
  • Manitoba: 15
  • New Brunswick: 1
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 3
  • Nova Scotia: 2
  • Ontario: 88
  • Prince Edward Island: 0
  • Quebec: 59
  • Saskatchewan: 6
  • Northwest Territories: 0
  • Nunavut: 0
  • Yukon: 0