Internet Safety

Internet Safety Information for Children

The following sites have been designed to provide parents and educators with age-appropriate information about what children (5–11 years) are doing online.

The Door That’s Not Locked

The web is a wonderful place, if you understand the risks. While the Internet is like an open door to a world of great information, communication and entertainment, it can also be a direct passageway to danger. From learning what activities are popular and how kids use them, to discovering new ways to talk to kids about friendship and healthy relationships, this website provides you with a one-stop-shop on all things related to Internet safety.

Zoe and Molly

The Zoe and Molly Online Safety Initiative, based on a true case submitted to, is designed to help parents and educators teach children 8 to 10 years of age about online safety. This resource includes two comic books, a lesson, a website and interactive activities that focus on the risks associated with playing games online and sharing personal information and pictures online.