Internet Safety

Internet Safety Information for Children

The following sites have been designed to provide parents and educators with age-appropriate information about what children (5–11 years) are doing online.

As technology evolves, so do the risks to young people. arms parents with the knowledge they need to help keep their kids safe online. The site regularly gleans information from to help parents stay informed about age-specific interests of young people, the risks they face online and proactive strategies for helping to make their child's online experiences safer.

Zoe & Molly OnlineTM

Zoe & Molly Online is an interactive series that gives kids in Grade 3 and 4 an opportunity to have some fun while exploring what it means to be safe while playing games online. All the components of the Zoe & Molly Online program, including comics, an interactive game and online safety quiz, provide an engaging learning experience for children. As children progress through the website their level of internet safety knowledge and confidence will increase.

The website also includes Zoe & Molly Online material for teachers such as safety lessons, a PowerPoint presentation, SMART Board® lessons and additional internet safety resources.