Internet Safety

Safer Internet Day


Every February on Safer Internet Day, people and organizations around the world join forces to help make the online world a safer place for young people.

This Safer Internet Day the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P) is urging families to talk with their tweens about the risks of live streaming after the organization’s saw a 57% increase in reports of adults contacting children ages 8–12 to engage in sexual activities over live stream.

C3P has three tips for parents/guardians of tweens to help keep their kids safe online:

  1. Talk to your tween about the risks associated with live streaming. Screengrabs and video recordings from live streams can be used against tweens to embarrass or harm them.
  2. Help tweens set up privacy settings. With a private account, users can approve or deny followers, restrict who can view their content, and limit incoming messages to followers only. Work together to decide who to accept as followers.
  3. Many times tweens stream at night from bedrooms when parents are asleep or unware. Remove devices from tweens’ rooms before bed and consider disabling the Wi-Fi at night.

Get involved to help create a safer internet:

  • 1. To LEARN MORE about the risks of live streaming, what parents can do to keep tweens safe, and age-appropriate points to talk about with tweens, visit

  • 2. HELP US REACH PARENTS on social media by sharing the Canadian Centre’s tweets, posts and photos.

  • 3. REPORT concerns about children being sexually exploited online to

Safer Internet Day 2020

For media inquiries, please contact:

Communications, Canadian Centre for Child Protection
Office: (204) 560-0723