Project Arachnid

Project Arachnid is an innovative tool to reduce the availability of child sexual abuse images and videos globally and help break the cycle of abuse experienced by survivors.

Project Arachnid discovers child sexual abuse material (CSAM) by crawling URLs previously reported to, as well as URLs reported directly into the Arachnid API. The platform determines that a particular URL contains CSAM by comparing the media displayed on the URL to a database of known signatures that have been assessed by analysts as CSAM. If CSAM is detected, a notice is sent to the hosting provider requesting its removal.

Project Arachnid detects content at a speed exponentially faster than traditional methods of identifying and addressing this abusive material. It is currently detecting 100,000+ unique images per month that require analyst assessment, and this number has been increasing each month.

The need for Project Arachnid was based upon witnessing the growing proliferation of CSAM on the internet, and was further validated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s International Survivors’ Survey.

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