Protecting children from online sexual exploitation and bringing those who victimize children to justice requires a collaborative approach between law enforcement, industry and non-governmental organizations. With this in mind, met with the RCMP's National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre (NCECC), the Department of Justice, and Internet service providers (ISPs) on July 12, 2004 to begin exploring ways the organizations could work together to combat the online sexual exploitation of children. The meeting resulted in the formation of the Canadian Coalition Against Internet Child Exploitation (CCAICE, pronounced "C-CASE").

CCAICE is a voluntary multi-sector group of industry, government, non-governmental and law enforcement stakeholders from across the country. Chaired by, CCAICE’s mandate is to devise and implement an effective national strategy to help address the problem of online child sexual exploitation. Cleanfeed Canada, Customer Name and Address (CNA) Templates (used by law enforcement officers) and blocking child pornography spam were all initiated through CCAICE and its members.

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