Report Form

We thank you for taking the time to report your concerns to You have the option to remain anonymous as your name or contact information is not required in order to submit a report. Also, we do not collect or disclose the IP address of a computer used to submit a report except in rare circumstances such as an abuse of the reporting process. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more details about how we handle report information. Once we have processed a report, all information connected to it may be forwarded to law enforcement and/or child welfare for review and investigation.

Please select a report type from the following options:

I came across what I believe is child sexual abuse content (images, videos, writings, etc.)
I know of a person who may be accessing or in possession of child sexual abuse content
I believe that a sexual (intimate) image/video has been (or may be) shared without permission
I believe that a person is communicating through technology with a child (or an adult) in order to sexually victimize a child
I believe that an adult may be sexually offending against a child
I am (or know a youth who is) being forced (blackmailed) to send sexual images/videos