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Canadian Coalition Against Internet Child Exploitation

Protecting children from online sexual exploitation and bringing those who victimize children to justice requires a collaborative approach between law enforcement, industry, government, and non‑governmental organizations. The Canadian Coalition Against Internet Child Exploitation (CCAICE, pronounced C‑CASE) brings together this multi‑sector group, chaired by, to devise and implement strategies to help address the problem of online child sexual exploitation.

One of the solutions resulting from CCAICE is Cleanfeed Canada, which continues to be used by Canadian ISPs today as a part of the Shield API by Project Arachnid.

Cleanfeed Canada

When Cleanfeed Canada launched in November 2006, its purpose was to block customer access to non‑Canadian websites that hosted child sexual abuse material and create a disincentive for those who accessed and distributed child sexual abuse images and videos. provided the list in a secure manner to the ISPs voluntarily participating. There was essentially no "human" intervention on the part of participating ISPs which had no input into creating the list nor knowledge of what was contained on it.

In 2017, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection launched a tool called "Project Arachnid" to proactively reduce the public availability of child sexual abuse material on the internet. As this tool grew in scope, we transitioned the Cleanfeed Canada URL list into the Shield API by Project Arachnid to provide a more comprehensive list of URLs to a wider range of electronic service providers.

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