Child Sexual Abuse

Victim Support

  • Contact Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868), an anonymous and confidential counselling service.

  • Learn more about the financial assistance that might be available to you from the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime.

  • If you are a victim whose child sexual abuse has been recorded and shared online and are looking for a counsellor who can offer specialized support, we may be able to help. If you are Canadian, contact us to find services in your area. We are committed to protecting your privacy. Any information you share with us will only be used to help connect you with support services.

    If you are a therapist or counsellor experienced in offering trauma-informed care or specialized support to victims who have had child sexual abuse imagery created and distributed, contact us to find out about joining our list of service providers.

  • We are now starting to see the first generation of victims of child sexual abuse imagery whose abuse has been distributed online reach adulthood. To better understand the impacts of this crime, and to determine what policy, legislative and therapeutic changes are required to respond to the needs of these victims, we are conducting a survey of these victims.