Child Sexual Abuse

Survivor Support, as part of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (Canadian Centre), supports survivors of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) through specialized resources, advocacy, and research in order to find solutions to what is a growing, global issue.


If you or someone you know is a survivor of child sexual abuse and is in need of support, please connect with us here. is Canada’s tipline for reporting child exploitation online, which includes CSAM. If you come across what you believe to be CSAM (e.g., images, videos, written posts), report it here, or call at 1 (204) 560-2101.

Learn more about how the Canadian Centre is using technology to combat child sexual abuse material online through Project Arachnid.

Survivor Advocacy Groups

Supporting survivors and their families is very important to our organization, and we are in a privileged position to learn from their experiences to in turn help other survivors and victims. Some of the groups we’re currently working with are:

Phoenix 11: An incredible group of female survivors who are speaking out to help the world understand the ongoing impacts of child sexual abuse online. Read more about the Phoenix 11 and their work here.

Mothers of CSAM survivors: To learn about the hardships families of survivors endure, years after the hands-on abuse has ended, we have convened a group of mothers whose children’s sexual abuse was recorded and distributed online. Their insight is crucial to guiding support resources like those here.

Male survivors: Thanks to a courageous group of men who are willing to share their stories, the Canadian Centre is just beginning to learn about the experiences of male survivors who face unique social stigmas.

Resources for Families

To assist families in navigating the recovery process, the Canadian Centre has developed tailored resources for protective parents/guardians looking to pick up the pieces.

Visit to learn more, or order free resources.

Research and Reports

To better support survivors of CSAM through advocacy and research, it is important we share our findings with both the public and those who are in positions to effect change.

How We Are Failing Children: Changing the Paradigm: This framework not only outlines the problems with current responses to the removal of CSAM, but also proposes a set of principles for action that are grounded in the best interest of the child.

International Survivors’ Survey: To better understand the impacts of CSAM, the Canadian Centre launched this important initiative. The courage of survivors who have shared their stories through the survey has guided how we can advocate for resources and better support systems for child victims.

CSAM Survey: This short survey urged the public to use their voice to call on industry to prioritize the protection and rights of children in the removal of CSAM and harmful/abusive images online.

The Canadian Centre is committed to leading the development of a global model for supporting survivors and their families through assistance, referrals, and topic-specific information. Visit for the latest information on initiatives and resources.

More Support

If you would like to learn more about our work with survivors visit or contact us.

If you need to talk to someone right now, text, call, or live chat with Kids Help Phone.