Internet Safety

Intimate Images and Sexual Violence

In recent years, has seen a marked increase in reports from youth ranging from 12 to 17 years of age. A large percentage of reports made by teens are with regard to sexual images/videos being created and distributed via the internet and/or electronic devices.

To address the diverse and complex nature of this issue, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection has developed several resources for youth, families and schools.

Student Activity Books

The following student activity books address the specific combination of sexual exploitation/violence and technology among youth. is a website that helps youth navigate the challenges of removing sexual pictures from the internet and deal with peers, and provides information on the supports needed to help them manage the spread of sexual pictures and the social fallout that often occurs.

Don’t let others write your story.

Self/Peer Exploitation Resource Guides

The self/peer exploitation resource guides are designed to assist schools, school-based police officers, and families in addressing incidents of self/peer exploitation.

The Resource Guide for Schools provides schools with a framework on how to respond if a self/peer exploitation incident occurs with students in the school.

The Resource Guide for Families is intended to help families of youth who have had a sexual image/video of them shared with peer(s) and families of youth who have shared an image/video of a peer with others. The guide provides practical guidance for:

  • supporting your child addressing the situation
  • reducing the potential negative impact on your child
  • minimizing your child’s involvement in this type of activity
  • potentially limiting the circulation of your child’s sexual image(s)/video(s)

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Glen Canning, father of Rehtaeh Parsons, speaks to the critical need to address non-consensual distribution of intimate images and the resulting social fallout.