Report Form: General

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Luring Details
Is there any indication that the child and suspect plan to meet in person?
Has the child shared any images / videos with the suspect?
Has the suspect shared any images / videos with the child?
Non-Consensual Distribution Details
Are you the person in the intimate picture/video?
Has the image been shared, posted or otherwise distributed?
Are you (or the youth) identifiable in the image?
Are you (or the youth) being threatened or harassed by anyone in regard to the intimate picture/video?
General Details

(e.g. 04/22/2016)

(e.g. 06:30 PM)

Incident Details
Incidents related to a website on the Internet can be reported through this category. In order to process a website report, requires the URL for the website.
Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a network of computers that share files through a direct connection.
This category is for incidents that have occurred on or through a technology not included in the other categories available (e.g. email or FTP). If reporting an incident that occurred over email, please include information regarding the sender of the email including the email address it was sent from, the header and body of the email if available, and any other details regarding the incident.
A newsgroup is a discussion group about a particular topic. Posts to the newsgroup are made through a news server using a variety of web-based and non-web based programs. Posts can include text or files and are available to anyone subscribing to the particular newsgroup where they are posted.
Bittorrent is a specific type of peer-to-peer file sharing that uses torrent URLs or magnet links to locate other computers sharing the queried file.
This category is for information about the use of a computer related to an incident of child sexual exploitation.
This category is for incidents that have occurred through a video game that allows users to connect through the Internet (i.e. Xbox360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC).
This category is for incidents that have occurred while using a mobile device such as a cell phone, smartphone, or tablet. This can include conversations, text messages, or images/videos sent using the mobile device.
Online chat or instant messaging (also known as IM) allows users to send real-time messages to other users. Online chat can occur in a group or room setting where messages are displayed for everyone accessing the room or one-on-one between users in the same room. For instant messaging, messages are delivered through a direct connection with specific users (often using a contact, buddy or friend list).
Other Details
Website Details
The URL for the website is located in the address bar at the top of your web browser. (e.g., This can be copied from the address bar and pasted into the report form.
Chat / Instant Messaging Details
The history of the conversation or the instant messaging (IM) logs can be copied and pasted directly into the report form. Each IM program has a different method for retaining the history of the conversation. For information on retrieving the conversation history from a few of the more popular programs, please click the appropriate link below:

Peer-to-peer Details
In some peer-to-peer programs, the IP address for the host of the file is displayed along with the file. Typically, these programs display the IP address in the following format: The IP address may also be displayed with a port number in the following format:
Bittorrent Details
Computer System Details
Newsgroup Details
A header for a newsgroup posting includes information on the author/poster and the date/time it was posted. Locating the newsgroup header depends on the type of newsreader you are using. For some software clients, the header is found when viewing the message source, while others may have a specific button, link, or section to view the header. Please check your specific newsreader client for instructions on obtaining the header.
Online Gaming Details
Mobile Device Details

Child Victim Information
Do you have information on a child victim that may be involved in the reported incident?
Child Victim 1

Suspect Information
Do you have information on a suspect involved in the reported incident?
Suspect 1
Does the suspect have access to children (i.e. their own, through family, employment or volunteer activities)?

Contact Information

While you do not have to tell us who you are, we encourage you to provide your contact information in the event follow-up is required by the appropriate authorities.

Would you like to provide your contact information?

Reports to Other Agencies
Has this incident been reported to any other agencies (i.e. law enforcement, child welfare)?

Additional Information
If you have child victim and/or suspect information, we encourage you to provide your contact details in the event follow-up is required by the appropriate authorities. Would you still like to remain anonymous?